SCOKY VIDEO: SAWYER V. MILLS (2007-SC-296-DG) AUG. 27, 2009

A few years back, I tried capturing the video of several arguments before the Kentucky Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, the process of capturing, downloading, converting etc. was just too time-consuming.  And since the Clerk at the Supreme Court’s office at the AOC does not make these videos available upon request (but, I will try again), I just do not have the time.

However, I am reposting some of these oral arguments since I think it is one way that attorneys can mentor others by showing how it has been done by others.

If anyone should have one of their oral arguments before the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals, for that matter, just let me know, and I will see if I have some unused bandwidth to post them.

Just click on the funky blue arrow below to watch the argument.

SAWYER V. MILLS (2007-SC-296-DG)

“Statute of Frauds. Issues include whether an audio tape recording of an oral agreement is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the Statute of Frauds, KRS 371.010.”

Discretionary Review granted 3/12/2008
Fayette Circuit Court, Judge James D. Ishmael, Jr.
For Movant: Thomas W. Miller and Michael Joseph Cox
For Respondent: William E. Johnson and Samuel Ryan Newcomb