SC: September 2017 Oral Arguments before Ky Supreme Court

A few issues this month include:

“Sovereign Immunity. Government Contracts. Employment. KRS 45A.245. Whether the University is immune from a former employee’s claim for breach of his written employment contract.” 9/20/17;

“Tort Law. Conversion. Uniform Commercial Code. Whether the defendants committed the tort of conversion when a signatory on the plaintiff’s bank accounts used his apparent authority over the accounts to transfer funds for the benefit of the defendants.” 9/20

“Torts. Dog Bite Law. Issues involve application of KRS 258.235(4) as well as strict liability and negligence principles in a case involving unconfined dogs in a rural setting.” 9/20

“Torts. Public Employee Personal Liability. Whether the use of the word “shall” in KRS 179.070(1) imposes mandatory liability upon a county engineer for tree removal from a public right-of-way creating a traffic hazard.” 9/21

“Torts. Property Owner Liability. Firefighter’s Rule. Issues include whether a police officer is barred from suing a property owner for injuries incurred when she fell down a hill while pursuing a suspect.” 9 /21

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