Projected 2010 Changes to the Kentucky Court Report – No more individual posts of criminal law decisions. All else remains the same.

Planned format change beginning 2010.

I am going to stop providing individual posts to the criminal law decisions effective with those decisions published in 2010.  I will continue to making the following posts:

  • Links to the minutes for the COA and SC which will contain links to the full text of the published decisions (civil and criminal cases)
  • Short digest of the published decisions (civil only) in each posting of the minutes
  • Monthly case summaries of the COA and SC
  • Monthly argument calendars for COA and SC
  • Monthly postings of the discretionary review grants for the SCOKY
  • Videos of any SC arguments that I either 'rip' as made or am provided by counsel

The only thing that will be missing is the individual postings of published criminal law decisions (which will still be found in the COA and SC monthly summaries provided by AOC).

I hope you can live with this minor change.  It will cut my computer time in half!

I practice civil law exclusively now.  When I was an Army JAG I did criminal law but that was a long, long time ago.

And still the best bargain on the net.  Free.

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