NEWS: Monthly “zip” file of “Most Recent Supreme Court” Decisions

AOC offers the most recent Supreme Court decisions (published and unpublished) in a "zipped" file for each month.

You can now download quickly and easily ALL the decisions matching up to the most recent minutes in one fail swoop.  The zip file is downloaded to your computer, and then you will need an ‘unzipping’ program (several on the market, many shareware and/or free or low cost) to unzip the file which saves each decision by "case number" onto your hard drive.

The zip file can be found at the search page at

Click here to download a zip file of the most recent Supreme Court opinions.

This feature has been up for a few months, but alas Iwas too busy to follow through and read.

As always, I would suggest archiving these to a separate page similar to those for minutes so each month’s decisions could be access separately for those with a need or a bent for this kind of research (usually bloggers, law publishers, and other odd sorts).

Until they do so, we will try and download the zip file and post it monthly with links.


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