News: “Federal Judge Boyce Martin Jr.’s retirement ended investigation into travel reimbursements” from Andrew Wolfson, Courier Journal

The Courier-Journal posted a story today on retiring federal Judge Boyce Martin by reporter Andrew Wolfson:

Federal Judge Boyce Martin Jr.’s retirement ended investigation into travel reimbursements

ederal appeals court Judge Boyce F. Martin Jr.’s decision to retire in August ended an investigation into allegations that he made “questionable travel reimbursement requests,” according to an opinion issued by an arm of the federal courts charged with evaluating judicial misconduct complaints.

The allegations were referred to the Justice Department’s public-integrity section, which investigates possible crimes by public officials.

Martin, whose Louisville telephone number is unpublished, could not be reached Monday for comment but his Washington-based spokeswoman, Claire Parker, said in an email that he was a “distinguished judge with a lifetime commitment to public service and integrity” and looked forward to “working with the Department of Justice to resolve this matter expeditiously.”

Click here for a link to Courier-Journal’s story (if it is still available on line).

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