Minutes for Kentucky Court of Appeals for July 28, 2006

Minutes for Kentucky Court of Appeals for July 28,  2006

  • 25 decisions:  Nos. 774 – 798
  • Published (click on number for link to full text of the published decision)
    • 776
      Couch v. Ky Unemployment Ins. Commission

      EMPLOYMENT: Unemployment benefits
      Affirmed denial of unemployment benefits of security guard who was discharged for failing to pass GSA examination
    • 779
      Commonwealth v. Esenbock

      Board of Claims:  Addressed post-judgment interest award and venue in Franklin Circuit Court on board of claims award that had been remanded previously
    • 783
      Quintana v. Commonwealth

      Criminal:  Search and seizure affirmed based upon smell of marijuana within the home’s curtilage
    • 791
      Blose v. Humana, Inc.

      Civil Procedure:  Trial court erred in considering matters outside of record in support of dismissal motion in employment discrimination case; and erred in it precipitous granting of summary judgment and denial of plaintiff to complete discovery regarding her claim that the release agreement with Humana had been obtained by fraud
    • 797
      Jones v. Commonwealth

      Criminal:  Affirmed revocation of condition probation for failure to complete Kentucky Sexual Offender Program upon discharge from penetentiary
    • 798
      Abbott Laboratories v. Smith

      Workers Compensation:  Affirmed award of death benefits and medicals for worker who’s car accident occurred on way home after his last sales call and found no deviation from course when stopped to eat with his wife
  • Minutes List all published and nonpublished decisions with links to the full text of the decision posted at www.Kycourts.net web site plus orders regarding dismissals, extraordinary writs, discretionary review.

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