Minutes for Kentucky Court of Appeals for July 7, 2006

Minutes for Kentucky Court of Appeals for July 7,  2006

  • 20 decisions:  Nos. 686 – 705
  • Published (click on number for link to full text of the published decision)
    • 686 – Cherry v. Augustus: Government employment; termination of deputy
    • 690 – Allen v. Thomas: Prescriptive easement
    • 695 – Bledsaw v. Dennis: Zero pain and suffering verdict, Miller v. Swift issue
    • 698 – Barrow v. Lex Fayette Urban County Gov’t: Government employee disciplinary action for refusing to answer questions relating to his employment
    • 701 – S.L.T  V. R.J.C.:  Appeal of domestic violence order and claim of hearsay evidence
  • Minutes List all published and nonpublished decisions with links to the full text of the decision posted at www.Kycourts.net web site plus orders regarding dismissals, extraordinary writs, discretionary review.

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