Mar. 20, 2014 Supreme Court of Ky Minutes RE: responsibility for damages for an administratively dissolved corporation; arbitration.

SCOKY.Block.Banner.Only240x168pxHere are the March 2014 Supreme Court Minutes (decisions) announced on March 20, 2014, Numbered 34-49, were issued on February 20, 2014. 16 decisions, 8 published.  Five decisions dealt with attorney discipline; and discretionary review was granted in 6 cases.

There were NO published decisions on civil, tort, and insurance law.

In published decisions, SCOKY addressed:

Rick Pannell vs. Ann Shannon, Fayette County
Contract Law. Corporations. Issues include whether an individual or an administratively dissolved LLC is responsible for damages arising from the breach of a lease agreement.
JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Bluegrass Powerboats,  Jessamine County.
Arbitration. Issues include whether a trial court, having stayed a civil action and ordered arbitration, retains authority to vacate that order after the arbitrator has dismissed the claim “with prejudice.”   

There were no tort, insurance, civil cases that were “not to be published.”

In other matters, SCOKY:

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