LawWire Format Changed effective with Jan. 5, 2007 decisions

The "Not Published" portion of the LawWire has been modified, effective Jan. 1, 2007.

We no longer will be listing all the nonpublished decisions within the LawWire.

We have taken the liberty of "annotating" the official minutes with a text block following each decision containing a key word description of the case’s legal points.  The "annotation" is in a block in the third column of the Court of Appeals Minutes and in separately blocked and outlined text in the Supreme Court minutes.

Clicking on the hot link of the decision will access the full text of the decision in Adobe PDF format.

From now on, we will continue posting the minutes with a short description of the published cases found in those minutes at  These should be posted by the weekend following the publishing of the minutes (Third Thursday for Supreme Court; each Friday for Court of Appeals).   For an example, click on "Jan. 26, 2006 – Minutes for Kentucky Court of Appeals".

By the time we publish the LawWire a few weeks later, we will then have annotated the minutes with each published and non-published decision containing a small key word description of the case and with each published case highlighted in yellow as you peruse them.

Due to limitations on my time, I had to make this modification.  It’s still a bargain (free), and you get each published decision within a week or two (but no later than 4 weeks) of the decision. 

We will continue to post separately the digest of each published decision at and put them in one of the categories you will find in the side-column.  For an example, then click here "SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY (SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP): PILE V. CITY OF BRANDENBURG (SC 12/21/2006)"

The LawWire will contain all the published decisions in one separate file (with a PDF copy) and a link to the annotated minutes.

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