Kentucky Court of Appeals Oral Argument Calendar for December 2013

The Court of Appeals of Kentucky will be hearing oral arguments on cases for December,  2013, as follows:

  • Dec. 10 – Frankfort
  • Dec. 11 – Hopkinsville

Tort, insurance and civil cases of interest to injury lawyers are, as follows.  Click on the link for the case name to go to the AOC web site for the case information listing.  Click on case for “case information” from Court of Appeals’ web site.

  • Dec. 10 – Frankfort
    Lore v. Moonbow Investments, LLC
    Civil; Whether the circuit court properly granted summary judgement in favor of the appellees: Whether claims against three appellees were time-barred and whether the circuit court abused its discretion in awarding costs and fees to one appellee.
  • Dec. 11 – Hopkinsville
    Ohio Casualty Ins. Co. vs. City of Providence, Ky
    Whether trial court erred in: (1) finding terms of a public official bond issued by appellant were ambiguous and thus permitted introduction of extrinsic evidence; (2) refusing to strike an affidavit pursuant to KRE 702; and (3) denying appellant’s motion to amend its findings pursuant to CR 52.02.
  • Dec. 11 – Hopkinsville
    Donnie McKinney vs. City of Paducah2013CA000262
    Appeal from summary judgment dismissing state-law claims for negligence, excessive force and assault from a police raid and search. Res judicata effect of dismissal of S 1983 claims in Federal Court; sufficiency of evidence precluding summary judgment.

For entire calendar:

Download (PDF, 102KB)

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