COA: January 26, 2018 Court of Appeals Decisions (Minutes)

Nos. 49-65: 17 Decisions Posted with 3 decisions designated for publication


50.  Real property.  Partial ummary judgement was reversed since issues still existed on voiding the deed for champerty
Coblenz v. Day

57.  Torts.  Liability of horse owner and status of injured party as trespasser or tenant  and “open and obvious” doctrine examined with appellate court affirming summary judgement dismissing claims.
Groves v. Woods

64.  Child abuse and neglect.  Burden of proof and custody examined.
B.(C.) v. Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Commonwealth of Kentucky
Court of Appeals reversed Circuit Court’s finding that a minor was abused and neglected by the father finding that the state had failed to meet its burden of proof by a preponderance of evidence and that the father never had unsupervised custody of the child.

Selected cases that were not designated for publication in tort, insurance and civil law. None.

51.  Appeal of pro se claim against physician and hospital for administration of Coumadin following hip surgery with usual issues on the brief’s compliance with the civil rules and raising of issues.  Nursing expert from Mexico did not qualify as expert.
McBrearty v. Lukins

59.  Qualified official immunity and claims against defendant in his individual capacity. Decent rundown on the law of official and qualified official immunity.
Johnson v. Hutcherson


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