COA: January 2017 Oral Argument Calendar for Court of Appeals

Dates: Jan. 27 & 27, 2017

Click here for a complete list of our posts for COA Arguments and here for those for SCOKY. And here is a link to the AOC page containing their index to all Court to Appeal oral argument calendars. with names, litigants, issues, and the dates/times/locations for each argument – Oral Arguments Calendar.

Some issues for the month of January 2017 are:

*1. Property restrictions on rental property-did the trial court err by finding the weekly and nightly rentals of property violated the applicable property restrictions. 2. Permanent injunction entered. 3. Did circuit court improperly dismiss harassment claim

*Appeal from grant of summary judgment. Did the court err in holding that Appellant’s former law firm was his alter-ego and that Appellant remained in control of the entity?

*Appeal from Circuit Court order reversing BOL’s penalty as issued by the BOL. Issue is whether BOL erred failing to grant a hearing and arguments as directed by Supreme Court in remanding the matter on its first appeal.

* Whether the trial court erred when it granted summary judgment in favor of Appellees and dismissed Appellant’s claim that tAppellees violated the garnishment order served each of them.

* Appeal of circuit court order granting summary judgment to Appellees in an action for damages cause to Appellant while shopping for a horse.

* Whether the trial court properly overruled the Appellant’s motion for summary judgment based on the “up the Ladder” immunity which the Appellant claims.

* Whether circuit court properly rendered summary judgment interpreting a reservation in a deed as including oil and gas mineral rights.

*  Whether circuit court erred by dismissing appellant’s claim as time-barred.