COA: February 9, 2018 Court of Appeals Decisions (Minutes)

Nos. 97-110: 14 Decisions Posted with 3 decisions designated for publication


98.  Administrative Due Process.  KSP.
Wasson v. Kentucky State Police
Affirmed circuit court order that state police commissioner’s decision to transfer trooper from injured status to limited duty pursuant to KRS1 16.165(2) rejecting trooper’s assertion the decision was arbitrary, unsupported by substantial evidence,

 99.  Marital separation agreement and wills to transfer property.
Lewis v. Estate of Richard D. Lewis
Marital separation agreement provision on transfer of marital home and as part of divorce not enforced when husband failed to comply with provision to be included in his will.

106.  Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Expungements and multiple convictions.

Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Ford
Reversed order granting defendant’s motion to expunge his felony convictions. The Commonwealth argues that the expungement was erroneously granted because Ford’s convictions arose from multiple incidents, whereas the expungement statute, Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) 431.073, only permits expungements of convictions arising from a single incident.


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