COA: February 2018 Oral Argument Calendar for Court of Appeals

Dates: Feb. 13, 15 and 21

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*  Interlocutory appeal of the trial court ruling which suppresses two blood tests which measured the blood alcohol level of the Appellee’s blood, post motor vehicle accident.

*  Consolidated appeals arising from collection action by Appellant seeking to establish priority pursuant to KRS 376.135 over competing creditors.

*  Appeal from property issues in dissolution action. Classification of income from loans forgiven partially during the marriage and partially after; tracing and calculation of value of non-marital interest in property owned by LLC; calculation of value and non-marital interests in retirement accounts; calculation of equalization of payment for division of marital property.

*  Whether the trial court properly denied the Appellant’s motion to have visitation with Appellee’s sons, his former step-sons.

*  Appeal of certification of a class pursuant to a statute allegedly precluding certification and arguably failing to satisfy the prerequisites of CR 23.02(c).

*  Summary judgment and wrongful death action when a suspect fleeing from active pursuit of a deputy sheriff crashed head on into decedent’s car.

*  Residential foreclosure action.

*  Whether circuit court erred by upholding the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Commission’s decision that appellant voluntarily refused suitable work without good cause.

*  Whether circuit court erred by granting summary judgment in favor of appellee on the basis that the policy of insurance did not provide coverage for decedent.

*  Appeal from judgment denying complaint to enforce judgment lien against property owned by LLC.

*  Whether Kentucky recognizes a claim for “reverse piercing;” Sufficiency of evidence and equites supporting piercing of LLC’s veil.