COA: December 2016 Oral Argument Calendar for Court of Appeals

Click here for a complete list of our posts for COA Arguments and here for those for SCOKY. And here is a link to the AOC page containing their index to all Court to Appeal oral argument calendars. with names, litigants, issues, and the dates/times/locations for each argument – Oral Arguments Calendar.

Some issues for the month of December 2016 are:

  • Appeal from denial of prison officials’ motion for summary judgment on claims arising from inmate’s injury in prison workshop. Whether officials were entitled to qualified official immunity; whether they showed deliberate indifference and whether this vitiates immunity; whether officials’ duties were ministerial or discretionary; whether there were genuine issues of material fact regarding officials’ adherence to prison policies. 12/5
  • Administrative Law: Whether the circuit court erred when it reversed a hearing officer for the lexington Fayette Urban County Human Rights decision regarding whether appellants were discriminated against on a protected status by a public accommodation. 12/13
  • Whether circuit court erred by reversing the Board of Tax Appeals’ decision concerning the tax exempt status of appellants’ retirement home.  12/13
  • Whether circuit court erred by granting judgment in favor of appellees and denying homeowners’ association the right to enforce the restrictive covenants. 12/13