COA Argument Calendar for March 2011

COA Argument Calendar for March 2011

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  • March 15 @ Louisville
  • March 24 @ UofL Law School

March 15 @ 11:00 am
Jefferson County Judicial Center, Louisville, KY

City of Bowling Green appeals dismissal of suit seeking collection of the full amount of the Transient Room Tax. Amicus brief filed.

Mar. 24 @ Brandeis Law School University of Louisville

10:00 am
This case is on discretionary review from the Graves Circuit Court. The Appellants appeal from their district court convictions for failing to display a slow moving vehicles emblem on their horse drawn buggies. They claim that KRS 189.820 impermissibly burdens their religious freedoms.

10:45 am

The only issue on this appeal is whether after entry of an order for payment of DNA analysis can a trial court rescind that order after services have been rendered. In setting aside the prior order, the trial court ruled that the fiscal court was not required to pay for the DNA analysis because the services were obtained by private counsel and that the motion lacked merit as provided by CR 60.02. Further, counsel for the appellant lacked standing to bring the motion.

11:30 am
In a foreclosure action, appellants held a third lien position and appellee a first lien position. In a settlement conference in the presence of the master commissioner, an agreement was allegedly reached and the parties dictated a recitation of the parties’ agreement. Appellee then allegedly included objectionable language into the proposed written agreement not included in the original oral agreement. The trial court has determined there was no meeting of the minds and, therefore, no genuine issue of material fact warranting a trial by jury as to whether an agreement was reached.




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