Government Closings for Monday January 6, 2014 in Jefferson County

From the  Wave 3 News web site, the following government closings are noted for Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky.  I have no information for other counties:



UPDATED 5:09 am Monday Morning:          

The Courier-Journal that hit my box this morning had the following regarding closings indicating the courthouse in Jefferson County will have some services open today (but no mention was made of court closings in on-line version as of this writing…. yet, but I will take Wave3’s word for it):

Several public offices also announced closings, including Jefferson County driver’s license branches.  The Jefferson County office of the circuit court plans to open at 11:30 a.m. today with limited staff to process bond, mental inquest warrants and domestic violence petitions.

Another update. Received the following email.

Chief Circuit Judge Charles Simms and myself announce this evening Larue Circuit Court scheduled tomorrow, Monday, January 6, 2014, is cancelled due to inclement weather. All matters are continued to Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at the same times


We have weather alerts available for our smartphones.  I have one from WDRB for my iPhone ™ that I signed up for at the “App Store”.   It gives me lots of updates, and more importantly this FREE app notified me that the Jefferson County Schools and courts were closed today.  Since Monday is a motion day for Jefferson Circuit Court with attorneys traveling long distances for these hearings and his is not unique to Jefferson County, then I submit to you the following question:

Why not an authoritative source for publishing closings, delays, etc. for all courts in the state?

By authoritative, I mean the clerk would notify the AOC who would then do an email or text message blast to all subscribers (not just attorneys).

A simple plug in for Word Press blogs (eg., Attention Grabber) or some similar device could run a horizonal row at the top of the AOC web page containing a link weather closings.

Also, how many times have you traveled for a motion hour per the local rules to learn it has been moved by a simple note on the door etc.? These can be included, too.

Saves time, energy, worry, and stress for lawyers and litigants alike. More importantly, it would avoid needless travel which could result in accidents and injuries plus money since someone has to pay for the time lost in wasted travel.

Just my two cents.

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