FREE OnLine Webinar on July 17, 2014 — “The 4 Most Important Webpages In Your Business, And How To Tweak Them To Triple Your Revenue In The Next 12 Months” with Amy Porterfield and Tim Paige

For those of you interest in picking up some free information on on-line marketing, content management systems, social media from those in the know, I am sharing an email I received from Amy Porterfield.  She focuses on the Facebook context, but offers much, much more help for marketing the business.  All you need to do is listen and co-opt those ideas which transfer well to the legal marketing world.  By the way, I do not get a cut, bonus, fee, or anything from this suggestion.  /mike stevens - On-Line Marketing Made Easy – On-Line Marketing Made Easy

Hi, Mike!

I’m hosting a new webinar, “The 4 Most Important Webpages In Your Business, And How To Tweak Them To Triple Your Revenue In The Next 12 Months”– want to join me?

Although I usually create training webinars focused on Facebook marketing, this next one will go beyond Facebook and help you optimize your website and grow your email list quickly with quality leads. (But you know I can’t help myself . . . so I’ll be sharing a quick automated Facebook tactic you are going to love!)

This time I’ve invited my friend Tim Paige, one of the biggest leaders in “all things list building” to join me on this webinar and together we will teach you easy-to-implement strategies to automate more of your business so you have more time to do what you love. 

Just click here now to choose your time and date (it’s free!):

Here’s what we’ll cover in this action-packed training:

  • Why only 4 pages on your website should receive the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus.  (If you focus on these 4 webpages, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase profits). 
  • The 7 most important tweaks you should make to your website right now.
  • How to easily create a one-page dashboard to help you monitor the 4 most important webpages in your business (and monitor the life of your business).
  • As a special treat (since you know how much I love Facebook), we will also teach you how to create a lead attracting webpage INSIDE of Facebook in literally minutes. (This tactic is pretty dang cool!)

Go here now to grab your seat:

I hope to see you there! 


PS:  Both webinars will fill up quickly and once 1,000 people are live on a webinar, no one else can get on. You don’t want to be locked out, so make sure to sign up now and then show up 10 minutes early to grab your seat! 

Video Tutorial on Setting Up Your Own Self-hosted WordPress Blog from

You can set up and start your own WordPress blog in 20 minutes.  This gets you up and running, and you can fine tune it later, but Michael Hyatt has an easy tutorial to getting your domain, your host site, installing the WordPress blogging software, and doing the basic set up of the blog.

If you don’t have a web site, then it will be hard for others to find you.  Phone books are going the way of the Model T, and other lawyers, business people, friends and prospective clients now “Google” you instead.

Without a web site (even if not a blog), you will be hidden from view and wondering why the phone does not ring.  You will be relying upon the kindness of others (eg., legal and business search directories which can be hard to navigate and out-dated, and few know about the Kentucky Bar Association’s lawyer locator.

Here is his the link to Michael Hyatt’s site with the video, and the video is below:

New Tech Idea for Blog – Youtube and Vimeo for Oral Argument Recordings

youtubePlease take a look at the top right hand column, and you will see one of the “old” Supreme Court argument videos I had obtained (capture during live arguments) from the Supreme Court web site.

I had posted these earlier using my paid “LibSyn” media account which I intend to use for podcasting and was going to use for these and other videos. However, these videos are large and will take up substantial band width.

Well, I have two plan “B”s to do this. YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube is “free” and for the limited use I have now, I can post larger videos (longer than fifteen minutes). Hoorah!

vimeoI can also do the same with Vimeo but there is a price, but not much (eg. $69 per year).

My next step is to request in writing copies of the recorded oral arguments from the Supreme Court, and maybe even the Court of Appeals.

Of course, now that I have shown the way, maybe the AOC will do both “live” and “recorded” videos!


KBA members invited to subscribe to new CourtNet 2.0

AOC Seal in GrayCourtNet KBA has been updated, but not without a price tag.  I am not surprised; nor am I complaining.  To have access to this information statewide on open and closed cases should pay for itself quickly. Here is the news announcement from the AOC:

The AOC is offering a new application to replace the current version of CourtNet KBA. Many of the new features were based on feedback from a group of attorneys who tested CourtNet 2.0 during a KBA pilot project.

KBA members are invited to subscribe to CourtNet 2.0 on a first-come, first serve basis.

Site Update: New Plug In for Displaying PDF files from AOC

You may have noticed that I am now able to link directly to the AOC web site and post the PDF files into these pages.

The document is displayed in this web block’s viewer enabling you to scroll through the pdf or click on on of the options in the top right hand corner to move from page to page or enlarge the text.

I would encourage enlarging the text a click or two to make it more readable.

The “hot” links to the full text of each decision referenced can be clicked on to go to that page.


iPad Tech Note

Some time ago I remarked for the need/recommendation/help for the admin techs at the AOC in published their minutes of decisions to "fix" the links to the full text of decisions by changing their scripts to allow the user in their iPads to follow the link to the full text of the decisions.

No fix yet.  Nor any fix to the running paragraph endings in the Supreme Court's decisions when you attempt to "copy" the full text of extracts of the decisions published in PDF.  Try it.  It's a mess.

However, here are two fixes that you can try from your iPads.

The easiest is to download a news reader for RSS feeds and subscribe to the Kentucky Court Report so that when the post of the minutes are posted on this blog, then you can click on the post AND then click on the minutes contained in that post.  For some reason, the NewsRack reader for PDF works fine with the links to the decisions which seems to be a problem for the Safari reader in iPad.

Another much more difficult workaround is to set up a DropBox account or use some other method to copy the link of the PDF Minutes into the iPad and then read it using one of the PDF reader programs.  My favorite for this is ReadleDocs Premium which is a PDF reader AND a file manager program.