AOC: Silent but Important Change in Decision Data Base

When doing this past week’s search and tabulation of decisions from the Kentucky Court of Appeals, I noted a small, subtle, but incredibly signicant change in the search results:  the addition of a small label indicating the publication status of the decision. 

For example, a PUBLISHED decision now had (PUB) in the case number results –

3 2005-CA-001620(PUB).pdf
Size: 116 kb
Date: 4/19/2007

For example, the NOT FOR PUBLICATION now had (NP) in the case number results –

3 2002-CA-002529(NP).pdf
Size: 90 kb
Date: 4/19/2007

SCOKY’s postings have not yet used this device yet, but we are hopeful this brilliant but simple solution of giving the user a key bit of information in discerning the value of the search results will be adopted and used by SCOKY as well.

Unknown at this time whether change is permanent or not.

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