2018-02 Amended Order, Dated Jan. 10, 2018

Guidelines for the Temporary Assignment of Retired Judges . Program

The following Supreme Court addresses the Temporary assignment of retired judges to sit in any court other than the Supreme Court because the prompt disposition of  causes. Please note that this is not the same program  As the special status judgesfrom  a few years back when retired judges not only got paid for their services, but accrued substantial increases in retirement benefits, especially in the form of retirement pay.

Under Section 110(5)(b) of the Kentucky Constitution, the Chief Justice is granted authority to assign “temporarily any justice or judge of the Commonwealth, active or retired, to sit in any court other than the Supreme Court when he deems such assignment necessary for the prompt disposition or’ causes.” The Supreme Court has determined that the need exists for qualified, retired justices and judges (hereafter referred to collectively as “judge” or . “judges”) to be available on a temporary basis for active recall to judicial service throughout the state.

6. Compensation

a. Program judges will be paid actual expenses and compensation on a per diem basis in accordance with Supreme Court Rule (SCR)1.070 and Administrative Procedures of the Court of Justice Part VII, Reimbursement for Official Travel.

b. Program judges will not be eligible for benefits nor will they accrue additional service credits towards retirement.

7. Practice of Law, Mediation, and Elected Office

A Program judge may not be assigned in any district or circuit wheremhe or she is currently practicing law; conducting private mediation; or is a candidate for any elected partisan or non-partisan office.

[emphasis added]