Video Tutorial on Setting Up Your Own Self-hosted WordPress Blog from

You can set up and start your own WordPress blog in 20 minutes.  This gets you up and running, and you can fine tune it later, but Michael Hyatt has an easy tutorial to getting your domain, your host site, installing the WordPress blogging software, and doing the basic set up of the blog.

If you don’t have a web site, then it will be hard for others to find you.  Phone books are going the way of the Model T, and other lawyers, business people, friends and prospective clients now “Google” you instead.

Without a web site (even if not a blog), you will be hidden from view and wondering why the phone does not ring.  You will be relying upon the kindness of others (eg., legal and business search directories which can be hard to navigate and out-dated, and few know about the Kentucky Bar Association’s lawyer locator.

Here is his the link to Michael Hyatt’s site with the video, and the video is below:

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