VIDEO: Judge Jeff Taylor, KY Court of Appeals (11/13/13) speaks on Kennedy Assassination

Judge Jeff Taylor with the Kentucky Court of Appeals remembers the assassination of President Kennedy in a video.  He even had newspapers to share with the audience.

All of us who were alive an out of diapers back on that fateful day can remember the details vividly, 50  years later.  Me?  Well, I was in the basement cafeteria of the old Central Grade School, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, waiting for our band instructor, Mr. Brunicardi, to stop by and teach me and others.  We had no sound system for announcements when the Principal Ms. Burdette came down, almost tears in her eyes (which scared the crap out of us because she was one tough old bird), and told us the tragic news, dismissing class.  In West Virginia, we all revered the President, even those as  young as I.  Yes.  We all remembered that day.  A date that marked the end of the Fifties; and just a few months later, Cassius Clay’s defeat of Sonny Liston marked the beginning of the tumultuous Sixties when our nation’s innocence bloomed forth and then died in the rice paddies of Viet Nam.  One remembers the tragedy of a good thing dying, but not always its birth.


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