Video: Irving Younger’s Classic – “Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination”


Some older folks will recall this  classic video from renown trial lawyer, teacher, and advocate, Irving Younger entitled “The Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination”.   It was a classic then, and it remains so today.

Experienced trial lawyers may disagree with the commandments as absolutes, but none will disagree with their value.

This video, together with James McElhaney’s, tapes on cross-examination are my two favorites on this topic.

I had been trying to relocate this video for years, and suddenly it pops up on one of my internet searches.   Here’s the video from the UC Hastings College of Law’s YouTube channel.  Should it evaporate, then let me know.  I saved a copy of it and can republish it on my YouTube channel if need be.

Download (PDF, Unknown)