Timing. A short explanation on dates and publishing.

SCOKY and COA have a publishing schedule.

The Supreme Court publishes it minutes of decisions and other actions for around court week with them coming out the end of the third week of each month SCOKY is in session.

The Court of Appeals’ minutes come out every Friday.

Then the monthly summaries of published decisions hit the internet usually 2 to 3 months after the minutes are posted.

The argument calendars are posted months in advance.

These schedules dictate my post schedule.

  • I am trying to get the weekly/monthly minutes out within days.  This has been easier with my ability to now embed the PDF into the post rather than my laborious clerical translation into rich text format and copying into the post.
  • The monthly summaries are a harder act to keep up with, but when I catch them, I post them.
  • The argument calendars may be out for months, but I try to post them early in the month so you can update your calendars.
  • The discretionary review listing by the SCOKY is sadly a few months out of date,  but it is a current listing of all cases pending discretionary review.  When the minutes are posted for SCOKY, I have tried to post a separate update of the discretionary reviews granted.  But alas, that is not an easy or fun task so I must confess I am lax and need to be fired.

    If I had the time (or a volunteer), I would love to have a table of all discretionary reviews granted and put in a spreadsheet with links to the case info, the COA decision.  Better yet, imagine a link to the notice of appeal etc.?

  • I have my own Tort Report postings of decisions in torts, insurance, procedure areas.  But, it’s a little intermittent.
  • I have also tried to concentrate on culling decisions as they are published which are of note for “standards of review”, particular causes of action (element for torts etc), and various topical areas.

I have plans and ideas, but that’s enough for one day.

Michael Stevens

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