STREAMING VIDEO OF SCOKY ARGS: Partial listing of those for Dec. 2008 – DirectTV v. Treesh; Com. v. Stone; and Methodist Hosp. v. Gilliam – Send us the videos of your args and we will convert to streaming and post!

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We were able to obtain copies of some recent Supreme Court arguments.  You will need Quicktime
to view them.  Let us know if you like this service.  We can only
convert those we receive.  So if you have a case on disk or videotape,
let us know.  We can then convert it to streaming video on the web, and
you can then link to your own argument from your own web site.

that we would like to post are civil cases addressing the lost chance
doctrine in med mal case and the statute of frauds argument involving
Melbourne Mills.

Check these out from December 10, 2008.

  • 9:00 a.m.
    DIRECTV, INC., ET AL. V. TREESH, ET AL. (2007-SC-714-DG)
    Federal Preemption. Issue is whether KRS 160.614 which authorizes local
    school districts to impose a tax on direct broadcast satellite
    providers is preempted by federal law which exempts such providers from
    any tax or fee imposed by a "local taxing jurisdiction" where tax is
    actually paid to the state and for the benefit of a "state concern."
    Discretionary Review granted 1/16/2008
    Franklin Circuit Court, Judge Thomas D. Wingate
    Movants: Kenneth S. Handmaker, Bradley E. Cunningham, E. Joshua
    Rosenkranz, Pantelis Michalopoulos, Jeremy N. Kudon, Eric Shapland and
    Randy J. Kozel
    For Respondents: Bethany G. Atkins
    Law. Evidence. Statement of Non-Testifying Co-Defendant. Issues include
    whether testimony revealing redacted portions of a nontestifying
    co-defendant's statement was properly admitted into evidence, where
    testimony did not identify or refer to defendant, but was factually
    inconsistent with defendant's claim of self-defense; whether redacting
    defendant's own statement to protect rights of co-defendants violated
    defendant's right to present a defense."
    Discretionary Review granted 8/15/2007 and 10/24/2007
    Jefferson Circuit Court, Judge Stephen P. Ryan
    For Movant/Cross-Respondent: David Wayne Barr
    For Respondent/Cross Movant: Bruce P. Hackett
  • 11:00 a.m. METHODIST HOSPITAL V. GILLIAM (2007-SC-817-DG)
    "Jurisdiction. Labor Law. Issues include whether a wrongful discharge claim
    based on alleged protected union activities is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction
    of the National Labor Relations Board."
    Discretionary Review granted 4/16/2008
    Pike Circuit Court, Judge Eddy Coleman
    For Movant: James U. Smith III, Kevin Michael Norris and Oliver Barrett Rutherford
    For Respondent: Lawrence R. Webster

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