SCOKY Minutes Update

As some may have noticed, I have been less than timely and complete in digesting/summarizing/reporting on the SCOKY Minutes each monty.  March, April and May are now due to be posted.

The reason is that to provide the complete digests for SCOKY as I do for COAKY requires me to spend a lot of time working through the posted pages of the minutes and decisions from SCOKY which uses a nonstandard Adobe PDF format.  The format used by COAKY causes me absolutely no problems when I load the page, copy OCR text, and move it to my Typepad blog posts.  EZ PZ one might say.

Not so with those from SCOKY.  I can't copy the minutes (which list the cases in a non-table format like COAKY) without distortions and hidden codes messing things up.  When I try to copy text in the SCOKY decisions, the formatting used in the opinion, for some reason, ends up with run-on paragraphs and sentences with the spaces between words gone. I have tried to save and optimize the pages using my own Acrobat program, but it just won't recognize it.

Thus, too much work.

My solution is to post that the minutes of SCOKY have been published with a link to the actual minutes which contain links to the decisions and orders contained therein. 

Sorry.  I have made this known the folks at AOC by emailing their tech folks, but no response and no changes.