SC Orders 2015-03 to 2015-07

07-pretrial services; 06-of COJ information; 05-drug court; 04-KBA by-laws amendments; 03-courthouse closures, personnel policies

Here are Supreme Court Orders 2015-03 through 2015-07.  More to follow next week.

For a table of all Rules and Procedures, click here.

2015 2015-07 Order Amending Amendments to the Rules of Administrative Procedure AP Part XIV, Pretrial Services

2015 2015-06 Order Amending Acceptable Use Policy for COJ Information Technology

Within twenty-four hours of a defendant’s incarceration on a bailable offense, Pretrial Services must provide the judge or trial commissioner with information to assist the determination of pretrial release and supervision, including an assessment of risks posed by the defendant and recommendations for responding to the risks through use of appropriate conditions of release.

2015 2015-05 Order Amending Amendments to the Rules of Administrative Procedure AP Part XIII Procedures for Drug Court

COJ information technology resources are the property of the COJ and are provided to users to assist them with their work responsibilities and duties and to aid in the effective and efficient operation of COJ business. This Acceptable Use Policy for COJ Information Technology (hereinafter “Policy”) establishes the responsibilities of users for the acceptable use of COJ information technology resources and provides guidelines to users for such acceptable use.

2015 2015-04 Order Amending Order Amending the By-Laws of the Kentucky Bar Association, effective Mar. 1, 2015

Sections changed, include:


1 Definitions

2 Honorary memberships

3 Annual convention of the Association

4 The Board of Governors

5 Officers

6 Nomination of officers

7 House of Delegates – Deleted

8 Officers of the House—duties, tenure and manner of selection – Deleted

9 Elections 10 District bar programs – Deleted

11 Sections

12 Committees

13 Committees of the House – Deleted

14 Board to promote educational publications

15 Amendments

16 Law Student Division – Deleted

17 Removal for Cause

18 Electronic Conferencing

19 Young Lawyers Division

20. Kentucky Supreme Court Review

2015 2015-03 Order Amending Amendment to Sections 5.06 and 5.07 of the Administrative Procedures of the Court of Justice, AP Part III, Personnel Policies

Deals with closures.