SC: August 24, 2017 Decisions of the Supreme Court of Kentucky (Minutes)

Insurance bad faith and experts not needed for emotional distress; widows claim survives final settlement; attorney entitled to quantum meruit so long as not terminated for cause; EUO obligation by passenger for claim for UM and PIP

Here are some of August 2017 published cases:

  • Insurance. Bad Faith. Damages. Emotional Distress. Expert testimony was not necessary to substantiate damages for emotional distress in a bad faith case.
    Indiana Ins. Co. v. Demetre
  • Workers Compensation.  Affirmed widow’s right to benefits under KRS 342.750, following a full and final settlement by the injured worker prior to his death.
    Family Dollar v. Mamie Baytos
  • Auto Accidents. Insurance. MVRA. Examination Under Oath. Injured passenger is obligated to comply with a driver’s insurance policy provision requiring an examination under oath as a prerequisite to receipt of uninsured motorist or basic reparations benefits.
    State Farm v. Adams
  • Attorney Fees. Discharged lawyer is entitled to receive, on a quantum meruit basis, a portion of a contingency fee on a former client’s recovery-so long as the termination was not “for cause.”
    Hughes and Coleman v. Chambers

Attorney Disciplinary Cases:


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