SC: March 2017 Decisions of the Supreme Court of Kentucky (Minutes)

Complete minutes with links to full text of all decisions posted by the Supreme Court this month.

Here are some of Mar. 2017 published cases:

  • Workers’ Compensation. Weekly permanent-partial disability benefits and lump-sum attorney’s fee payment. Application of a multiplier reflecting the future periodic payment of the attorney’s fee commuted to a present value.

  • Family Law. Maintenance. Unemployed Spouse. Reasonable Expenses. Whether the family court correctly included expenses that are fully or partially attributable to the parties’ children in the unemployed spouse’s reasonable expenses when calculating maintenance.

  • Premises Liability. Application of McIntosh and Shelton cases to a case involving a fall in a depressed area of the pavement in a parking lot. Is the condition “unreasonably dangerous” or “open and obvious?” Whether the business manager had sufficient control of the premises to be held jointly and severally liable.

Here is a link to the indexed minutes for the Supreme Court of Kentucky at their official web site.

Here is link to the Kentucky Court Report’s archived minutes for the Supreme Court.

This month’s minutes of the published and not to be published decisions, disciplinary matters, discretionary reviews granted and denied, petitions for hearing requested and denied, and more are as follows.  Use the scroll arrows at the bottom left of the PDF document to scroll through the pages.