Recent Legal News You Can Use – May 11, 2015

Retired Justice Scott and the 'lunch pail' Republicanism; Obama care and hospital cuts and layoffs, plus increasing ER visits; Felony cases court time cut by Louisville pilot program; and Bar exam allows additional breaks for examinee to breastfeed

Scott: ‘lunch pail Republicans’ will elect him graduating from Pikeville High School in 1965, he went off to study pre-med at Eastern Kentucky University. In 1976 he started practicing law in Pikeville and worked as a public defender. Later he prosecuted cases as an assistant commonwealth’s attorney and in 1983 was elected Pike circuit judge, a post he held through 1988, when he resigned to run for Congress.

Ky hospitals: Obamacare forcing cuts, layoffs February report prepared for the state said Kentucky hospitals had received $506 million more in Medicaid reimbursement since January 2014 because of the Medicaid expansion. That study also said the Medicaid expansion generated more than 12,000 new jobs in health care and related fields. Beshear said in a statement Friday that the new Medicaid payments have blunted the impact of other financial pressures on hospitals.

Emergency room visits rise under Obamacare Rooms have seen a rise in patient visits in the wake of the passing of the ACA. A poll released Monday by the American College of Emergency Physicians shows that 28 percent of 2,099 doctors surveyed nationally saw large increases in volume, while 47 percent saw slight increases. Less than half of surveyed doctors reported any increase last year, in the early days of the Affordable Care Act.

Felony cases’ court time cut under pilot project cases going through a new Jefferson County court program are being resolved more quickly than those outside the pilot project, according to a preliminary report being presented to a Louisville Metro Council committee this week. Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine will update council members on Thursday about the pilot project aimed at reducing court process time, jail overcrowding and other legal costs. The city received a grant for approximately $334,000 from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation last fall to fund the two-year program, which has cut time on some of those cases.

Breast-feeding mom wins breaks during Kentucky bar exam

A prospective Kentucky lawyer has won her first case before she even took the bar exam. She requested two additional 30-minute stop-the-clock breaks during the 8-hour examination, as well as a private location other than a restroom, to allow her an opportunity to express breast milk during the exam, and submitted a letter from her doctor supporting the request. After the appeal to Elizabeth Feamster, director and general counsel of the office, its board reversed its decision and said she will be given a 20-minute break in each testing session on both days of the exam.