News: Learn Storytelling from some Storytellers at 2013 Corn Island Storytelling Fest at UofL Ekstrom Library on Oct. 11, 2013, 7:00 pm

Trog Defends Gar in the First Cave Room Trial with the transcript prepared in real time on the back wall.

Trog Defends Gar in the First Cave Room Trial
With the transcript prepared in real time on the back wall.


Lawyer’s have been telling stories for a long, long time.   Ever since Trog jumped to Gar’s defense at the Neanderthal Bar on Cave Run Road following the Cambrian Explosion who was found driving from the scene on his Wooly Mammoth.

How we doing  now?  Is the spoken word as a tool of understanding giving way to the digital age’s multi-media presentation at trial, mediation, or any other hearing?  Is tech taking over talking with its clicker, iPad, projector, Elmo and other devices?

Well, whatever….. But for now this year’s Corn Island Storytelling Fest will be held on Oct. 11, 2-13 in the Humanities Quadrangle in front of the Ekstrom Library.   As lawyers, we have reputations for being masters of the spoken word, but are we really good at telling stories?  Do we know the mechanics and method behind telling a story?  How do you learn?  

Well, you can read about it in Jim M. Perdue’s book ” Winning with Stories — Using the Narrative to Persuade in Trials, Speeches and Lectures” available at Trial Guides (DVD and/or Book).  Or, you can read another book by him – “Who Will Speak for the Victim“. (book only).   Not only do you get the how to, but examples.

Another option is watch and learn from non-lawyer story tellers at this year’s festival, and enjoy yourself to boot.  Click here for information on 2013 festival.

Corn Island is no longer visible but the festival for which it is named lives on. Founded by Joy and Lee Pennington, whose papers recently were placed in a special collection at the University of Louisville Library, the event continues under the direction of Colonel Bob Thompson, who has long been associated with the timeless tradition of storytelling. Plans are coming together for more stories this fall on October 11 @ 7:00pm at the lawn behind Ekstrom Library on the U of L campus..

Here is CJ’s story – Corn Island Storytelling Fest records to be housed at U of L archives