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detersHere is story on Kentucky lawyer Eric “Bulldog” Deters’ decision not to practice law in Kentucky.  Period.  Story was in

Eric Deters: I quit practicing Kentucky law

Controversial lawyer Eric Deters has followed through on his threat to stop practicing law in Kentucky. The Supreme Court of Kentucky’s Character and Fitness Committee filed Monday documents that noted Deters called and emailed it documents to “withdraw his application” for reinstatement and would “never again practice in Kentucky.” “The reason I have retired is that I quite simply no longer want to practice law in a state where its governing body, the KBA (Kentucky Bar Association), is on a continuous mission to ‘get’ me,” Deters noted in a release emailed Monday to The Enquirer. Deters’ messages to the Supreme Court of Kentucky came a day before he was scheduled to have a conference with that court’s disciplinary committee to discuss his status.

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In a follow up story, “Ohio Supreme Court suspends attorney Eric Deters

A reciprocal agreement between the Kentucky and Ohio Supreme Courts resulted in attorney Eric Deters being suspended for 60 days in Ohio for the same actions that resulted in his suspension last year in Kentucky.

Deters isn’t accused of any new wrongdoing. He was suspended for 60 days last year by the Kentucky Supreme Court for violating the code of conduct for attorneys. Because of that suspension and the reciprocal disciplinary agreement, the Ohio Supreme Court also suspended Deters on Monday for 60 days for the same conduct.

Deters, of Independence, actually asked the Ohio Supreme Court to start his suspension now so he could get it out of the way.

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