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I am hopeful this email post has reached you.

I have been off-line and playing catch-up for the past few months because of some family hardships.  We are doing better, and my wife and life are on the mend.  Your prayers have been appreciated.

To let you know what has transpired on the blog, let us begin at the beginning.

First, the domain mapping from “got broke” at Dotster and quit mapping to my blog address maintained at Typepad.

Second, after trying for way too long a time, I just simply redesigned the site using WordPress, Headway Theme, and a new domain hosted at another site.

Third, I then redirected tonight my FeedBurner feed to the feed which should be transparent to each of you receiving emails and the RSS feed which is why you are now getting this message (which was not posted at the old site).

Fourth, I will soon post the updated RSS feed access on site for those using RSS readers.  BTW the link is (all one line) at:

Next on the agenda is the updated RSS Chicket on the new site; a redirect of and to the new site to make the stuff a little transparent.

And, boy oh boy, do I hope you get this message.

I am current on the COA minutes, almost current on SCOKY minutes, current on argument calendars,  and yet to start on the summaries and discretionary reviews.

Comments on this page that you got it, or an email to me, would be much appreciated. and simply stating in the subject – GOT IT will suffice.


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are inappropriate, offensive or off-topic.

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One thought on “New Site Hosted at

  1. I received this update via the RSS feed. However, my email to was bounced back as undeliverable, so I’m leaving a comment instead.

    Sorry to hear you all have been through tough times lately. I hope things are getting better. Keep up the good work.