June – September 2013 – Topical Summary of Kentucky Court of Appeals Published Decisions (prepared by the AOC)

Fayette.CH.Old.Morgan Statue

John Hunt Morgan – “Thunderbolt of the Confederacy” – 1825-1864
Statue Outside the Old Limestone Court House in Lexington, Kentucky
Buried in the Lexington Cemetery
Photo by Michael Stevens

Playing a little catchup with the following links to the monthly summaries for published decisions from the Kentucky Court of Appeals.  I hope to post the individual monthly summaries later, but just wanted these posted and in the wild.

By the way, if you enjoy these photos I take from around the state, please post a comment.  And, if you want them gone, let me know that, as well.  It is just this Commonwealth has so much history in the form of some beautiful architecture in these older court houses, the beauty of their design and the solemnity of the facades and inner halls, generate a respect for the majesty of the law that our new sterile facades may be an efficient building but not a home for justice.  Just think.  There must be a reason we called the older structures court HOUSES, possessing a HOME-like sanctuary compared to the judicial CENTERS akin to a shopping center.

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5 thoughts on “June – September 2013 – Topical Summary of Kentucky Court of Appeals Published Decisions (prepared by the AOC)

  1. I agree with you Mike, the CW of Ky does have interesting history & architecture. Please keep the pictures.


  2. You are so right about the house versus center distinction. How we name things in any culture is telling. I personally appreciate the pictures of court houses. Early in my legal career, I decided I wanted to take pictures of all 120 court houses. That didn’t work out and now 35 years later, I want to pick it back up. Keep up the good work. Your Report is an invaluable resource.

    John Weeks
    VP/ General Counsel Delta Dental of KY

  3. I like the photos–although I it’s hard to believe Col. Morgan attained that degree of baldness by age 39!