March 2014 Court of Appeals Oral Argument Calendar (dismissal of bad faith claim against UIM carrier appealed; post-judgment interest on $3.75 million in punitive damages from med-mal against UofL Hospital; is there private cause of action for water contamination by corporation?

COA appeals arguments

Kenyon Meyer with Landrum & Shouse Before the Kentucky Court of Appeals
Judges Combs, Nickell, and Stumbo

The Kentucky Court of Appeals March 2014 oral argument calendar has COA hearing cases on:

  • March 19 & 20 – Court of Appeals Courtroom in Frankfort
  • March 24 – Grant County Judicial Center, Williamstown
  • March 27 –  Jefferson County Judicial Center, Louisville

Complete archive of previous calendars at AOC can be found here.

Tort, insurance and civil cases of interest to injury lawyers are, as follows:

  • Mar. 24 @ 11:30 pm – Williamstown
    Peyton Reynolds vs. Childers Oil Co.
    Counsel for plaintiff:  Ann McMillin & Damon Willis
    Issue:Civil case: Did the trial court err in granting summary judgment wherein the Appellants argue that they have a private cause of action for nuisance, trespass and negligence for water contamination by a corporation?
  • Mar. 27 @ 1:30 pm – Louisville
    Christy Larimore vs. Travelers Ins. Co.
    Counsel for Injured Plaintiff:  Lee Sitlinger
    Issue: An appeal of the grant of summary judgment in which the trial court dismissed claims of bad faith against an insurance company for its refusal to pay underinsured motorist benefits.
  • Mar. 27 @ 2:30 pm – Louisville
    Case: University Medical Center v. Michael Beglin
    Hospital successfully challenged award of $3.75 million in punitive damages but was assessed $5,000,000 in post-judgment interest. Hospital seeks reversal of application of 12% post-judgment
    interest rate as inequitable in light of current economic downtrend. Time is 2:30 pm with attorneys F.Conway and Chad Gardner arguing for the injured claimant.

Catch details on dates, times, locations, case names, issues, counsel and more in the following calendar.

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