Local Rules of Practice for Jefferson Circuit Court Under Revision and Open for Suggestions, Criticisms, or Concerns. Due Aug. 30, 2013

Jefferson County Judicial Cener in Foreground With Hall of Justice in Background

Jefferson County Judicial Cener in Foreground With Hall of Justice in Background

The Jefferson Circuit’s Local Rules of Practice are pending revision with a draft available for comment thru August 30, 2013.

Make your comments to the court or post them below.  I received the following in an email message sent out by the Louisville Bar Association, but considering the number of attorneys who practice in the Jefferson Circuit Court who are not members of the Louisville Bar Association (LBA) or do not reside in Jefferson County,  I thought this a good way of getting the word out.


The Jefferson Rules of Practice (known informally as the “Local Rules”) have not been amended since 2006.  A great deal of change has occurred in the interim, particularly regarding the foreclosure process and clerking issues.  For the past several months, I have endeavored to update and ameliorate these rules.  I have been considerably assisted in this quest by the Court Administrator’s Office, Master Commissioner Edith Halbleib, Circuit Court Clerk David Nicholson, my colleagues on the Circuit bench, and many members of the bar.

We have also changed the process for filing depositions with the Court.  As you know, the civil rules require that all depositions be filed with the Court.  However, given space limitations, this process was ended years ago.  The amended rule allows attorneys to comply with the rule by filing discs, cds, etc., but requires the party noticing the deposition to maintain the original, hard copy and make it available for inspection and copying by others.

Pursuant to SCR 1.040(3)(a), we tender to you now the proposed amendments that the Circuit Court Term has voted to approve.  We did so only after a thorough review and analysis.  Some requests were adopted; some were not; but all were considered.  At this time, we request that all members of the bar review the redlined version of the amendments and provide commentary.  Please see the attached proposed revised Local Rules of Practice and tender any suggestions, criticisms, or concerns to Eric Darnell, Circuit Court Administrator, at ericdarnell@kycourts.net or 595-4588 by August 30, 2013.

Thank you for your consideration and efforts at improving our system of justice.

I am not sure what your publication date is, but we can change the deadline for response if needed.

Thank you,

Chief Judge Audra J. Eckerle
Jefferson Circuit Court, Division 7

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