KUDOS: Indiana Law Blog still number one at Blawgsearch; but we’re still in the TOP TEN (at no. FIVE) out of 2200+ law blogs. Hoorah!

This weeks current rankings among the nations most popular legal blogs is a nice warm and fuzzy for me, and a good reminder that a blog with the law and nothing but the law without fanfare, frivolity, and funny stuff can still attract an audience.  

The Kentucky Court Report aka Kentucky Cases comes in this week as NUMBER 5 and Number 14 currently for ALL TIME.  But let us not forget kontinued kudos for our northern neighbor at the Indiana Law Blog where Marci Oddi remains Queen of the Hill.  See, http://blawgsearch.justia.com/  – Blawgsearch.

And as always, I thank each and every one of you for the kontinued kindness and support you have shown me over these years through the ups and downs and the changes in our formula.  Without you, this blog would be nothing more than a tree falling in the woods with nobody there.  All noise, no substance.

Thanks.  Mike Stevens.

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