Blog Update: Advance Sheets of Published Decisions Using RSS

Announcement – Kentucky Cases ( is now online.

Although my plate is already full, I think the time has come to implement a service that I believe is long overdue – Using RSS technology to bring to your computer each of the published decisions of the Kentucky Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.  This is just a start to see how it works.  Your help and any volunteers would be appreciated. 

This is a service I have suggested, wished, prodded, and plugged for over a year now, and as of yet none of the ‘powers that be’ has taken the project and ran with it.  ‘Kentucky Law Blog’ is a full-blown legal newspaper, law journal, and periodical wrapped up in one. is Kentucky published decisions and developments in a ‘nutshell’.

Some of you just want the bare essentials without frills, fanfare, or commentary.

Well, here it is.  The goal is quick, timely, published decisions only.  Additionally, postings with links to oral argument calendars, press releases, minutes, and rules and orders published. 

To get the site up and running, we have posted all that would have been posted for 2006.  We will actually shoot for posting the dates the decisions are announced rather than the dates we post them (for ease of research and reference). [UPDATED CLARIFICATION:  We may get the cases a few days after it is published but it will be posted with a date of the decision in a nunc pro tunc manner.  This way you can locate a decision a little more easily.  We may digest a Feb. 3 decision on Feb. 10, but will post it with the Feb. 3 date.]

Michael Stevens, Editor

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