Kentucky Court of Appeals Oral Argument Calendar for September 2013


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The Court of Appeals of Kentucky will be hearing oral arguments on cases for September 2013, as follows:

  • Sept. 10 – Louisville
  • Sept. 11 – Frankfort
  • Sept. 19 – Frankfort
  • Sept. 30 – Louisville

Tort, insurance and civil cases of interest to injury lawyers are, as follows.  Click on the link for the case name to go to the AOC web site for the case information listing.  Click on case for “case information” from Court of Appeals’ web site.

Sept. 11
Ohio Casualty Ins. Co. vs. Wellington Place Council
Appeal from decision on coverage issue. Whether trial court erred in refusing to apply Cincinnati Ins. Co. v. Motorists Mut. Ins. Co., 306 S.W.3d 69 (KY. 2010) under theory of estoppel and/or waiver.

Sept. 30
Ann Patton vs. Lanier Hobbs
Busines organizations: liability of managing member of LLC to LLC and other members for diverting business opportunities; failure of trial court to award damages in excess of money diverted.

Wanda McGuire vs. Lorillard Tobacco Co.
Civil: Appeal from a jury verdict in an exposure to asbestos case; issues on appeal include alleged evidentiary errors and failure to properly instruct the jury.

Click here for the September 2013 calendar at the AOC.

Click here for entire INDEX to COAKY calendars organized by month and year.

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