Kentucky Court of Appeals Minutes (Decisions) for July 26, 2013 (Nos. 724 to 744; 5 cases are “To Be Published”)


Statue of King Louis XVI in Louisville, Kentucky

Statue of King Louis XVI in Louisville, Kentucky

Published and Unpublished Decisions from the Kentucky Court of Appeals for July 26, 2013

The Court of Appeals announced 21 decisions with 5  decisions designated  for publication (“To Be Published”)

Decision numbers are:  No. 724-744

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Short summary of the published decisions for this week are (click on the link for the full text of the decision from AOC):

  • 724.  Estates.
    Tim Strunk vs. Robert Lawson McCreary County
    Declaratory judgment action appealed interpretation and validity of a will; in terrorem clause; and attorney fees.
  • 725.  Divorce.  Reduction of post-judgment interest.
    Larry James Elsnor vs. Deborah Lynn Elsnor – Oldham County
    Affirmed in part, reversed in part and remanded.   Equitable distribution,  claim of dissipating of assets, post-judgment interests of 5% not disturbed on appeal.
  • 729.  Arbitration.
    Charles Wagner vs. The Drees Company – Boone County
    Affirmed arbitration award dismissing claims on statute of limitations.
  • 736. Divorce.
    Robert Muir vs. Arcell Muir – Jefferson County
    Affirmed lower courts distribution of property.
  • 737.  Liens. Administrative Law.  Code Enforcement.
    James Short vs. City of Olive Hill – Carter County
    Affirmed summary judgement on assessment of lien for code enforcement.

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