Kentucky Court of Appeals Decisions (Minutes) for November 27, 2013 (re legal malpractice and defense of collateral estoppel)

Kentucky Court of Appeals Decisions (Minutes) for November 29, 2013 (Nos. 1082-1096).

25 decisions were announced by COA this date, with 3 of those decisions designated “To Be Published”).

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Short summary of the published decisions for this week are (click on the link for the full text of the decision from AOC):

1090. Criminal Law.  Probation revocation.
Robinson vs. Commonwealth of Kentucky
McCracken, Judge Craig Z. Clymer
COA Published 11/27/2013

1093.  Administrative Due Process. Revoking license to sell alcohol.
Pizza Pub of Burnside, Ky vs. Commonwealth of Kentucky
Franklin; Judge THOMAS D. WINGATE
Reversing and Remanding
COA Published 11/27/2013

1095. Family Law.  Grandparent visitation.
Fairhurst vs. Moon
McCracken, JUDGE
Reversing and Remanding
COA Published 11/27/2013

Tort, Insurance Decisions:

1082. Legal Malpractice, Breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. Defense of collateral estoppel.
Simpson vs. Stanley M. Chesley
Kenton;  Judge Gregory Bartlett
COA, Not Published 11/27/2013

VANMETER, JUDGE: Appellants1 appeal from a Kenton Circuit Court order granting Appellees’ motion for summary judgment and dismissing Appellants’ claims of breach of fiduciary duty, professional negligence (legal malpractice), and fraud. We agree with the circuit court that Appellants’ claims are barred by the doctrine of collateral estoppel, and affirm its order. 

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