Judges: Recent Comments by Local Louisville Judge Draw Criticism

From USA Today is the following story about a local judge’s comments on a victim’s impact statement.  For the entire story, click the title below:

Judge Selfie’s’ rebuke of victims stirs racist backlash

LOUISVILLE — He’s been on the bench for nearly six years and plastered so many pictures of himself on Facebook that a colleague dubbed him “Judge Selfie.” But until he criticized the victims of an armed robbery for “fostering” the views of their 5-year-old daughter, whom they said was still scared of black men after two African Americans had held the family at gunpoint, Judge Olu Stevens was largely unknown outside the Jefferson County Judicial Center.

But now the story about that case, first reported in The Courier-Journal, has ricocheted around the world, retold in newspapers from New York to London. And it has ignited a firestorm of criticism of Stevens, some of it ugly, racist and menacing.

For the entire story go to USATODAY.com.

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One thought on “Judges: Recent Comments by Local Louisville Judge Draw Criticism

  1. Olu is absolutely correct in this case.

    Can you imagine a VIS where parents said their kid was afraid of all white men?