iPad Tech Note

Some time ago I remarked for the need/recommendation/help for the admin techs at the AOC in published their minutes of decisions to "fix" the links to the full text of decisions by changing their scripts to allow the user in their iPads to follow the link to the full text of the decisions.

No fix yet.  Nor any fix to the running paragraph endings in the Supreme Court's decisions when you attempt to "copy" the full text of extracts of the decisions published in PDF.  Try it.  It's a mess.

However, here are two fixes that you can try from your iPads.

The easiest is to download a news reader for RSS feeds and subscribe to the Kentucky Court Report so that when the post of the minutes are posted on this blog, then you can click on the post AND then click on the minutes contained in that post.  For some reason, the NewsRack reader for PDF works fine with the links to the decisions which seems to be a problem for the Safari reader in iPad.

Another much more difficult workaround is to set up a DropBox account or use some other method to copy the link of the PDF Minutes into the iPad and then read it using one of the PDF reader programs.  My favorite for this is ReadleDocs Premium which is a PDF reader AND a file manager program.

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