Family Law: B.F. V. T.D. (SC 6/15/2006)

B.F. V. T.D.
FAMILY LAW:  Child custody (de facto custodian, visitation, and same sex couple)
DATE:  6/15/2006

SCOKY denied a woman visitation and custody rights regarding a child adopted by her former female partner.  Specifically, Lambert writing for the majority held that "B.F." did not qualify as the child’s "de facto custodian" because she was not the primary caregiver despite the fact she participated "substantially in the support and rearing of a child for a significant period of time."  The same-sex couple lived together as a "two-parent" family. Michael Stevens, ed.

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One thought on “Family Law: B.F. V. T.D. (SC 6/15/2006)

  1. The question I have:
    If a same sex partner ran away and had the baby else where say for example; from Phx to KY and desided they didn’t want anything to do any longer with the other partner and even denied that there was anything between them does the other partner have any like rights to even see the child or even come visit him/her?