Court Costs. Trial Court’s Discretion. Video and transcript of deposition reimbursable; Costs of Trial Exhibits Reimbursable (Occidental Fire and Casualty Co. vs. Moore COA Not Pub. 9/6/2013)

Occidental Fire and Casualty Co. vs. Moore
COA Not Pub. 9/6/2013
Court costs included transcript and video of same deponent and costs of trial exhibits.  COA affirmed both awards by the trial judge.

Depositions.  The award of costs to the prevailing party is within the discretion of the trial court. Lewis v. Charolais Corp., 19 S.W.3d 671 (Ky. App. 1999).  Costs are recoverable for depositions “whether taken stenographically or by other than stenographic means.” This means the costs for the original written and videotaped depositions are recoverable.

Exhibit costs.  Occidental also claims that Moore’s counsel is not entitled to recover the costs for trial exhibits. KRS 453.050 states in relevant part: The bill of costs of the successful party shall include, in addition to other costs taxed, the tax on law process and official seals, all fees of officers with which the party is chargeable in the case, postage on depositions, the cost of copy of any pleading or exhibit obtained, the cost of any copies made exhibits and the allowance to witnesses, which the court may by order confine to not more than two (2) witnesses to any one (1) point.  This statute specifically allows for the recovery of the costs related to exhibits; therefore, there is no abuse of discretion or error.

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