COAKY: Feb. 2013 Court of Appeals Argument Calendar

Oral ArgumentsThis was posted AFTER the fact.  Sorry.

The Court of Appeals will be hearing  heard oral arguments on cases in Frankfort on Feb. 15 & 19;  Madisonville on Feb. 8; Shepherdsville on Feb. 20;  ).

Issues of interest to Kentucky personal injury and accident attorneys include:

  • Appeal from defense verdict in personal injury case. Issues include whether the trial court erred inrefusing to grant a directed verdict on liability, whether the instructions were insufficient and whether trial court erred in permitting Appellee to argue unforeseeable circumstances when court of appeals hadruled that sudden emergency defense could not be presented.
  • Civil; Appeal and cross-appeal in a medical negligence action: The appeal contends that the trial courterred in: (1) dismissing appellant’s medical battery and strict liability claims against Appellee King’s Daughters’ Medical Center; (2) bifurcating the  medical negligence claims against individual physicians from the derivative claims against KDMC and Appellee Cumberland  Cardiology; (3) requiring each party to pay for the expert depositions that it scheduled without requiring appellees to prove the reasonableness of the fees charged by their experts (4)  excluding certain evidence at trial; and (5) conducting voir dire in a flawed manner. On cross-appeal, Appellee-Cross Appellant Michael Richman asserts that KRE 507 offered absolute protection to his medical records
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