COA: September 29, 2017 Court of Appeals Decisions (Minutes)

Nos. 817-832: 16 Decisions Posted with a five decisions designated 'to be published' with links to full text of each decision


818.  Family Law.
Lewis v. Fulkerson
Family court abused its discretion and committed reversible error when it did not allow attorney who drafted the trust instrument in question to testify when determining whether there was an inter vivos gift from the husband/father to wife/motherLaura of the $1,700,000 LRF Trust corpus.

820.  Family Law. Maritial property division affirmed. Remand on visitation.
Miranda v. Miranda

S.(R.) v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Cabinet for Health and Family Services

831.  Interlocutory Appeal.  Arbitration agreement not waived.
Wellcare Health Ins. of Kentucky, Inc. v. Trigg County Hospital
WellCare Health Insurance Company of Kentucky, Inc., has taken an interlocutory appeal from circuit court order denying its request to enforce an arbitration agreement between it and Trigg County Hospital, Inc. Because we agree that WellCare did not waive its right to invoke or enforce the arbitration agreement and that, accordingly, the circuit court erred as a matter of law in denying the motion to dismiss, we reverse.

832.  Interpersonal Protective Order (IPO). Held the trial court’s findings of fact were clearly erroneous and application of law was flawed, we reverse.
Halloway v. Simmons

Selected cases that were not designated for publication in tort, insurance and civil law.



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