COA: September 2016 Oral Argument Calendar for Court of Appeals

Dates: September 20, 27 & 29, 2016

Click here for a complete list of our posts for COA Arguments and here for those for SCOKY. And here is a link to the AOC page containing their index to all Court to Appeal oral argument calendars. with names, litigants, issues, and the dates/times/locations for each argument.

Some issues for the month of September 2016 are:

  • Open records request to Revenue Cabinet. Issue of first impression: do taxpayers have a privacy interest in maintaining the confidentiality of their files involving appeals of their tax assessments? Revenue Cabinet seeks to maintain the privacy interest of taxpayers.  9/20
  • Appeal filed from default judgment entered in suit filed to settle estate. 9/27
  • Appeal from jury verdict in personal injury case. Issues involve exclusion of expert testimony, failure to grant continuance and incomplete timely production of discovery. 9/27
  • Appeal from foreclosure action. Does a judgment lien, properly recorded, have priority over a money purchase mortgage entered into later? 9/27
  • Appeal from trial court’s ruling that the economic loss rule bars appellant’s claim for negligent misrepresentation. 9/27
  • Whether the Board properly affirmed the ALJ’s decision that appellant suffered no compensable work-related injury. 9/29

Here is the complete calendar for this month.  Please note these are not available through on line streaming like those of SCOKY.

Download (PDF, 45KB)