COA 2009 Minutes: July 24, 2009 (Nos. 714-735)

COA 2009 Minutes: July 24, 2009 (Nos. 714-735)

  • 22 decisions
  • 3 published (714-criminal, 730-residency requirement on superintendant, 735-workers comp)

Some civil decisions noted involved

  • 722
    Branham v. Burger
    Torts:  Motor vehicle negligence – duty of driver owed to others while making u-turn
    Evidence:  Daubert motion
  • 726
    Glass v. Morehead State Univ.
    Torts:  Premises Liability, Lanier, and Board of Claims
  • 727
    West v. Levee Lift, Inc.
    Negligent Hiring, retention and supervision in context of  negligent failure to warn and negligent failure to control
  • 734
    Styles v. Elkhorn Truck Parts & Service
    Workers Compensation – PPD income benefits limited to two years
    Max & Erma's v. Lane
    Workers Compensation – award of future medicals contrasted with reopening an award for payment of medicals which may be contested

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