COA 2009 Minutes: July 17, 2009 (Nos. 696-713)

COA 2009 Minutes: July 17, 2009 (Nos. 696-713)

  • 18 decisions
  • Four published

Some civil decisions noted involved

  • No. 696 Published – Daniels v. CDB Bell
    no right to jury trials in purely equitable remedy cases, piercing corporate veil in suit to reform contract
  • No. 697 NPO  Peters v. Wooten
    Civil Procedure:  Discovery, compelled production of SSD records; Collateral source rule
  • No. 698 NPO Snardon v. Snardon – Family law decision ruling failure to preserve issue alleging invalidity of property settlement agreement, continuances, judicial recusal;
  • No. 699 NPO Terry v. Mattingly
    Venue:  Transitory actions, transfer of venue, and must be timely raised
  • No. 704 Collins Financial v. Johnson
    Attorneys Fees:  Exception to general rule and affirmed award of attorneys fees in absence of statutory or contractual provision

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